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Yellowwood Design Farm 

A design studio in the heart of a small farm.

At Yellowwood Design Farm we are passionate about delivering
visual solutions that cultivate growth, yield success
and create joy along the way.


We approach our land, our animals and our creative work
with the same two principles:

- Always engage with respect and openness. 

- Hard work paired with enthusiasm will lead to exciting results. 

And, hey, if you are local, we'll be sure to give you some fresh eggs!

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Kristen is the resident designer, art director, chicken coop cleaner, garden weeder and, along with her sweet family, one of the never-ending dreamers of Yellowwood Design Farm. Her career has been built on specializing in melding design, illustration, and typography using a variety of techniques from her toolshed. She brings a thoughtful approach and keen eye to detail to every project, big or small. Kristen has worked at a number of award-winning design firms and has worked with brands such as Chaco, Coca Cola, IBM, Merrell, Patagonia, Phish, Rossignol, Vermont Natural Resources Council, and University of Vermont. 


Nowadays she finds herself thriving in the country where her love for the natural world and design are woven together in Yellowwood Design Farm. She finds a constant source of inspiration in the combination of caring for her animals and the land that surround her and immersing herself in her studio (or some corner of a garden) designing and creating. 


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